Factoids on History of the Democratic Party

Did you know the democratic party from the USA is the oldest base political party of a voting system in the world. It goes back all the way back to the 1820s-1840s under the guidance of James Polk and Andrew Jackson just to name a few.

During that time the party was a huge proponent for new immigrants, farmers and City workers. They also promoted the American expansion into the west. Some of the groups that were not fond of the Democratic Party during that time where the plantation owners, Business people and certain religious groups such as the evangelical Protestants.

The roots of the party began in the 1790s by Mister Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republicans) along with Aaron Burr, George Clinton and James Madison.  They were against the Federalist who had favoritisms towards landowners who were very wealthy.  The Democratic Republicans of Mister Jefferson were FOR fixing the national debt, non-bias banking competition, and for rural interests.

Democratic Party Interesting facts

-During the 1860s, the party diverged into two groups call the Northern and Southern Democrats because of their differences over several ideologies. This opened up Abraham Lincoln’s newly formed Republican Party winning the election.

-The party has won 19 presidential elections out of 43.

-The origin of the democratic mascot a.k.a. the donkey originated during the Andrew Jackson era where someone had yelled out “jacka**” to him during a campaign.

-Lowest point – 1860 to 1932 (in power for only 16 of those years)

-Highest point -1932-1980 (in power 32 of those years)

-In the 1920s, under the Democratic President Wilson, granted the women right-to-vote which became the 19th amendment.

-The Social Security act by President Roosevelt open the doors for assistance to unemployed individuals, helping retirees and widows.  He also signed the G.I. Bill which provided benefits for American soldiers that returned from the war (WW2).  These benefits included loans for businesses, living expenses and low costs higher education + mortgages.

-Under President JFK, the 60s brought the space race where under his leadership put humans on the moon which led to many technological advances later on. The creation of the Peace Corps was because of Mister JFK himself.  He also banned the testing of nuclear technology.

-President Johnson signed the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Act(a great landmark).