4 Fun Things to do in Kenya

By | June 24, 2017

Kenya offers a brand new experience for those looking for an action-packed holiday. If you’re not one for lying on sandy beaches and relaxing in resorts for the entirety of your trip, then buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime in Kenya.

Kenya is an East African country encompassed by savannah, lakelands and mountains. Its beauty is undeniable and it’s also home to several National Parks and reserves established to save the wildlife population.

Its people fall under the Government of the Republic of Kenya, which is a national government with a semiautonomous government for each of the 47 counties, led by President Uhuru Kenyatta. Over 46 million people call Kenya home.

Below are four fun things to do on your adventure holiday to Kenya.

Visit the Maasai Mara Reserve

The Maasai Mara Reserve is an expansive game reserve in the Narok County of Kenya. Visitors to the Reserve can expect to see Masai lions, African leopards, zebra, Thomson’s gazelle,
wildebeest and Tanzanian cheetahs. The best time of year to visit is from July to October during the great migration of wildlife to and from the Serengeti.

The Maasai Mara reserve was first established as a sanctuary covering 200 square miles in 1961. It was then expanded to over 700 square miles and became a game reserve managed by the Narok County Council.

By 1984 the area had been split with some of the land given to local communities, and the Reserve now sits at just under 600 square miles, managed by both the TransMara County Council and the Narok County Council. The Mara Triangle within the Reserve is managed by Mara Conservancy.

Amboseli National Park

Located in the Kajiado County, Amboseli National Park covers almost 40,000 hectares. It is the second-most popular national park in Kenya, and is just 150 miles from the capital city of Nairobi.
Tourists flock to the area each year for the best wildlife viewing experience in the world. From the 400 species of bird to free-ranging elephants, raptor varieties, buffalo, impala, lions, hyenas,
giraffes, cheetahs and wildebeest; it’s a viewing pleasure like no other. Tours are a huge part of the experience, and it’s certainly an adventure worth experiencing when you make Kenya your next holiday destination.

Karura Forest

In Kenya’s capital city Nairobi sits the breathtaking urban forest known as Karura. Spanning over 2500 acres, it’s home to 200 species of birds as well as smaller creatures such as bush pigs,
badgers, monkeys, bats and reptiles.

Not only can visitors see wildlife in their natural environment, but they can also enjoy 50km of trails for walking, running and biking, a waterfall, a bamboo forest and the famous Mau Mau Caves.
Over 16,000 people visit Karura forest per month, and it has received a Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor for 2014 and 2015.

Diani Beach

If you’re after a break from all that action and adventure, then why not relax on the white sands of Diani Beach? Located an hour south of Mombasa, this beach is the hub for many tourist companies to offer unique experiences. This includes camel rides, bike tours and so much more.

The beach is surrounded by quality accommodation, and is an exceptional spot for relaxing with a beverage and a book when you just need time to wind down.