4 Fun Things To Do In Tanzania

Tanzania is not your typical holiday destination. Of course, it has white sandy beaches and plenty to see and do, but this East African country, with its vast wilderness areas, is more of a thrill-seeker’s paradise. It’s a mecca for safaris and first-hand wildlife encounters and is usually a popular destination for those with love… Read More »

Jamaica’s Trials and the Road to Political Independence

There are very few countries that have experienced the same trials and tribulations as Jamaica has. Forced to engage in wars just to maintain a sense of peace, it would be several centuries before those fights came to a halt, and political independence was gained. Jamaica was first colonized by a tribe known as the… Read More »

North Korea’s political Slippery Slope Post-War

It’s hard to believe that Korea was once a secluded country both socially and politically. Looking at current events and the ‘he said, she said’ battle between US, China and North Korea today, it’s almost as if peace and harmony never truly did exist. Korea initially hit the headlines at the end of the 2nd… Read More »

4 Fun Things to do in Kenya

Kenya offers a brand new experience for those looking for an action-packed holiday. If you’re not one for lying on sandy beaches and relaxing in resorts for the entirety of your trip, then buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime in Kenya. Kenya is an East African country encompassed by savannah, lakelands and mountains.… Read More »